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Suffolk, Norfolk,

Cambridgeshire, Essex




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Homegrown Ethos


‘Homegrown Music Festivals was developed to promote and support live music and artists, and by default, local businesses from the area where the festival is held.  All artists, bands, vendors and contractors MUST be from the festival designated area to be able to qualify.


Most artists kindly give their time free to play to show support for the festival and we ask music lovers to show your love and support for them by coming to see them perform live on the big stage.


Big names bands and artists also give their time to come and play and support fellow artists remembering where they started at grass roots and support the local talent and the live music culture


Above all, this festival is about you, it is about fun, simple’


Glen Moulds - Founder.

North Wales & Cheshire

10TH - 12TH JUNE 2016