homegrown music festival





Friday Night

(Doors Open at 5)

6pm Alton Wahlberg

6.20 Blue Mean Eyes

6.40 Chris Pidgeon

7pm Tundra

7.20 Peter Hepworth

7.40 Sound Mirrors

8pm Gavin Chappell-Bates

8.30 Renegade 12

9pm Ian Jeffs

9.30 The Virtues

10pm Tom Korni

10.30 Little Red Kings




(Doors open at 10am)

11am Noah Evans

11.20 Tuesday Club

11.40 Connor Adams

12pm The Macarnos

12.20 Millie Kirkpatrick

12.40 After the Sky

1pm Shannon Elsden

1.20 Vic Allen

1.40 James Nunn

2pm Tom Roddis

2.30 Phoebe Austin

3pm Saltfen

3.30 James Veira

4pm April Blue

4.30 Elliot Porter

5pm Datum Plane

5.30 Falling From Trees

6pm Hollowstar

6.30 Tom Lumley Band

7pm SIAH

7.30 Shorelark

8pm Fick as Fieves

8.30 David Youngs

9pm Mojo Slide

9.45 Edward Alice

10.15 Stretch Soul Gang



(Doors open at 10am)

11am Rosie Hiskey

11.20 Kolin Durier

11.40 Gabby Rivers

12pm Torsion Field

12.20 James Morgan

12.40 Chalky Seas

1pm Aria's Echo

1.20 Painted Soul

1.40 Hannah Scott

2pm The Bijoux Toots

2.30 Tilly Moses

3pm Band of Fools

3.30 Samuel



4pm Deep City

4.30 Lucy Grubb & The Lost Boys

5pm Heathen

5.30 Harry Slater

6pm 4th Labyrinth

6.30 The Broken Maps

7pm The Downsetters


Followed by -

After Party from 8.30pm for staff, volunteers, sponsors and musicians



Silent Disco & Hunter Club Bar until 2am

Silent Disco & Hunter Club Bar until 2am