homegrown music festival


The Homegrown Family

Meet 'Mr Homegrown' - Glen Moulds. The Homegrown concept was born when in 2013 his daughter Jade suggested that he could put on a better festival than many she had been to. She hadn't been impressed with the prices, the toilets or the general care given to the guests. So the challenge was on, to create a clean, friendly, reasonably priced family festival. The whole family soon became involved and now five years later still are!  


Glen with his wife Julie centre and from left to right daughters  Paris, Jade, Yasmin and Charlie

Meet the other key members of the Homegrown 2017 Family


Sara came to Homegrown every year from the beginning. Loving the feel and the ethos of the festival she began volunteering in 2014.  She is now an integral member of the all round organisational team. Mum to three boys, she also runs her own charity The Blackbird Foundation and an art studio. Find her in artist liaison or dancing front stage during the festival.  

Sara Kathleen

Alton Wahlberg

Alton Wahlberg, also known as The Bearded Busker, is a hugely talented singer/songwriter who has played Homegrown regularly over the years.  Recently he has taken the step to promote other artists through gigs as Alton Wahlberg Music and his You Tube channel  AWTV. Homegrown is very lucky and proud to have him managing our second stage for the first time in 2017.

9-11 June 2017